Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jesus Is Truth

"In John 17:17 our Lord does not say, 'Thy word is truth', He remarks rather, 'Thy word is truth'. Earlier in the Gospel of John He had indeed identified Himself as the truth [14:6] 'I am...the truth', were His words. In the present passage, however, when He is not speaking of Himself, but the Word of God, He characterizes that Word as true. Christ is Himself the Truth, and when He speaks of Himself, there is need for Him to employ the definite article. In the prayer, however, He merely intends to characterize the Word of God as truth. 'The Word of God', we may paraphrase, is true; it speaks the truth; the message which it offers is a true message. It is dependable; it is truth. The Word of which He speaks is the message of God; it is information which God has communicated to the world; it is that which God has spoken. The word of God, which Jesus Christ Himself has spoken, is truth."
- E.J. Young

Source: Young, E.J. Thy Word Is Truth - Some Thoughts on the Biblical Doctrine of Inspiration. reprinted 2008. Pennsylvania: Banner of Truth, 1957. p. 262.


  1. Perhaps I misread it, but at the begining when it says, "our Lord does not say, 'Thy word is truth,' He rather remarks, 'Thy word is truth,'." What is the difference if they're both word for word the same?

  2. No. What the quote is saying is that Jesus is not saying that someone else's (Your word is truth). He is essentially saying the Father's words are truth (OT scripture, the voice at his baptism and transfiguration), but the very divine words HE has spoken is equally TRUTH above all things.

    Jesus prays the High Priestly prayer (or true Lords prayer) in John 17 which is all about Jesus praying about himself to be glorified. Jesus is declaring HIS very word to be all truth in equality with the Father just as he said three chapters earlier that He is the TRUTH (Jn 14:6) and that he is the WORD (Jn 1:1).

    Hope that clarifies that for you! I asked the same thing, but then came to a great understand of what that quote really means!!! Jesus is not saying anyone else is truth, but his word is the TRUTH of all TRUTH in all the word of God!

  3. Yes it does clarify, thank you! And amoungt so many caliming contradicting "truth," it's very reassuring to know we can find absolute truth in Christ! Thanks again

  4. Your welcome! God bless you and stand in Christ.

    "For the truth is in Jesus." Ephesians 4:21