Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Biblical Truth in Postmodern Culture

"While competence requires that we understand how the biblical writers established validity, it also demands that we wrestle with listeners' questions such as, 'Is that true?'  (referring to the Bible). Today we can count on an attitude of questioning and doubt. Our educational system and mass media contribute to this pervasive skepticism. Advertisers have created an audience of doubters who shrug off dogmatic claims and enthusiastic endorsements, no matter who makes them, as nothing more than a pitch from the sponsor. Instead, the Bible states reality as it exists in the universe, as God has made it and as He governs it. We would expect, therefore, the affirmations of Scripture to be demonstrated in the world around us. That is NOT to say that we establish biblical truth by studying sociology, astronomy, or archaeology, but the valid data from these sciences second the truth Scripture. Therefore, to adopt the attitude that a statement is not true because it is in the the Bible is illogical; it is in the Bible because it is true."
- Haddon W. Robinson

 Source: Robinson, Haddon W. Biblical Preaching: The Development and Delivery of Expository Messages. Baker. Grand Rapids, MI. 2001. 82.

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