Wednesday, March 9, 2011


" Well you know you and I, we were all obviously born into a world that’s very far from God. And when somebody is very far from God, obviously we don’t even know who our creator is anymore, even if we believe think we’re created. Many think they were just evolved. But here when you get far from who created you, you now have lost an identity as to even why you were created and therefore when you don’t even know why you were created, you don’t even know what success is, or what fulfillment is. And when you don’t even know what was planned in making you for and what the ultimate design and fulfillment of man was in the mind of God now you are just left to yourself to define your own objective. “I will be fulfilled when this has happened or that has happened…I will have succeeded when this thing happens.” And so we all have re-written our own personal success pictures and images of what we believe it is."
-Don McClure

Source: McClure, Don. Sermon on Faith. Calvary Chapel La Habra. 6 March 2011.

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